The Witness of the Unitas Fratrum

The Unitas Fratrum is committed to the unity of the children of God as a reality created by God in Jesus Christ. This unity has been granted and preserved within it as a Church formed out of various peoples, languages and denominations. Its very life, therefore, is to be of service to the Church Universal. The Unitas Fratrum is committed to the victory of the Lamb of God that was slain as the hope of the world. It accepts as its central commission the proclamation of this message in every place where the Lord Himself opens the door. The Unitas Fratrum acknowledges its vocation to service in the homelands:

  • to bring the gospel to those who are far from God;
  • to serve the youth by means of schools, camps, and other agencies;
  • to serve in caring for the sick, for the aged, and for those in special homes;
  • and to serve by means of the printed word especially the Daily Texts of the Moravian Church.

The Unitas Fratrum experiences in its missionary enterprise active help from wide circles throughout all evangelical Christendom through prayer, gifts, and individuals ready to serve. In this way also the unity of the children of God becomes visible. The Unitas Fratrum appreciates the inestimable value of each human being for whom Jesus Christ gave His Life and counts no sacrifice too great to "win souls for the Lamb". The Unitas Fratrum recognizes that its members are united by their Lord in congregations and are called to be pilgrims and messengers to carry the gospel to all mankind and into all human relationships. The "first fruits" of their witness are the pledge of the whole harvest. The Unitas Fratrum recognizes its duty to grant the young churches full freedom concerning the future. God's Spirit must and will show them whether to remain a part of the Unitas Fratrum as a Province of the Unity, or to become a self-dependent church, or to unite with some other indigenous church or church group. The Unitas Fratrum looks beyond this earthly witness of the Church to the great consummation when the Lord will "draw all people unto Himself' and His Kingdom be fully established.

Unitas Fratrum

The Unitas Fratrum lives by the gifts which the Lord has given His Church on earth: His Word and the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

Its vocation is to proclaim His Word to its congregations and to the world and to administer the Sacraments aright.

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